Logo design the Draplin way

Aaron Draplin’s online Skillshare class — Logo Design the Draplin Way — has been taken by more than 15,000 students, with a massively impressive positive review rating of 99%. Here’s a quick intro. “In this 70-minute class, go behind-the-scenes as Aaron shares his logo design process with a very

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Size matters: designing for the modern Apple app ecosystem

Apple’s app ecosystem has expanded massively in recent times When the App Store first arrived, designing for Apple mobile devices was relatively straightforward. Sure, developers had to get to grips with touchscreens and gestural interaction, and rethink visual language for smartphone apps and games a world away from desktop conventions.

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Pay what you want for this dream design bundle

What’s a musician without instruments or a painter without brushes or a writer without words? No designer should be without their tools and that goes for graphic artists as well. Never be without what you need to create with the Dream Design Bundle, and you can pay what you want

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Font of the day: Momobo

We’re big fans of typography and are always seeking out new and exciting typefaces, whether free fonts or the very best fonts worth paying for. So, if you’re in need of a font for your current project or are building up a collection, we may be able to help out.

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3 amazing uses of CG in commercials

For the last few months, 3D enthusiasts all over the globe have been nominating and voting in the 3D World CG Awards. Now, the results are in, and one of the biggest stirs was caused in the hotly contested CG commercial category in the Creative section. Read on discover the

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Is this the perfect pen for designers?

The Squire’s weight is engineered to rest invisibly in your hand We all know how important notepads for designers are. But a pen’s just a pen, right? Well the people behind the much-loved Baron Fig notepad would beg to differ. Subtle widening from the top to the bottom of the

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