w descriptors and sizes: Under the hood

Eric Portis digs into how the browser decides which image to downloads when you give it <img srcset="" sizes"">. Notably, a browser can do whatever it wants:

Intentionally un-specified behavior lets browsers provide innovative answers to an open-ended question.

Still, calculations happens based on what you give it and you can still do a good job with that part.

The very weirdest part about all this is that the sizes attribute can alter an images “natural width”, which can …

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A DevTools for Designers

There has long been an unfortunate disconnect between visual design for the web and web design and development. We’re over here designing pictures of websites, not websites – so the sentiment goes.

A.J. Kandy puts a point on all this. We’re seeing a proliferation of design tools these days, all with their own leaps forward. Yet…

But, critically, the majority of them aren’t web-centric. None really integrate with a modern web development workflow, not without converters or plugins anyway; and …

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Tracking Uncertainty of Work

Ryan Singer writes about project and time management issues that I’ve been experiencing lately. He describes two states of every project: uncertainty and certainty, or “figuring things out” and “making it happen.”

Ryan describes it like this:

Work is like a hill with two sides. There’s an uphill phase of figuring out what to do and how to approach the problem. That’s the climb. After you reach the top, there aren’t anybody [sic] ruinous unknowns. You can see down to …

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Building an Email List in WordPress – What Business Rookies Need to Know

Attracting customers and business associates is one of the crucial aspects of every new business enterprise. If you’ve just set your foot onto the business path, it’s vital to know that you need to generate new leads in a personal manner. And the most personal feature used by every entrepreneur is the email service. Therefore, …
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7 Tips for Creating a Time-Saving Design for Users

Users have short—very short—attention spans. That’s probably evident just looking through your website analytics. This makes it more important than ever to deploy design techniques that help users scan and get the most information from your website in the shortest time possible. It is your job to understand what users need to glean from the […]
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Vue Design System

We talk a lot about Vue around here, including some practical applications of it, but haven’t gotten deep into designing for it. In this post, Viljami Salminen describes his Vue design process and the thinking that led him to build the Vue Design System:

A design system can help establish a common vocabulary between everyone in an organization and ease the collabo­ration between different disciplines. I’ve seen it go the other way around too when important decisions have been …

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Solved With CSS! Colorizing SVG Backgrounds

CSS is getting increasingly powerful, and with features like CSS grid and custom properties (also known as CSS variables), we’re seeing some really creative solutions emerging. The possibilities are still being explored on what CSS can do to make writing UI’s simpler, and that’s exciting!

One of those is now one of my favorite CSS features: filters. Let’s look at how we can use filters to solve a problem you may have encountered when working with SVG as a …

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My Gutenberg Experience Thus Far

Ive used Gutenberg for several months and during that time, there have been moments where I love it and situations where I’ve had to disable the plugin because of frustrating bugs. One of the most frustrating aspects of using Gutenberg is the lack of support from the plugins I depend (more…)
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Focusing on Focus Styles

Not everyone uses a mouse to browse the internet. If you’re reading this post on a smartphone, this is obvious! What’s also worth pointing out is that there are other forms of input that people use to get things done. With these forms of input comes the need for focus styles.


People are complicated. We don’t necessarily perform the same behaviors consistently, nor do we always make decisions that make sense from an outsider’s perspective. Sometimes we even do …

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