Preventing a Grid Blowout

Say you have a very simple CSS grid layout with one column fixed at 300px and another taking up the rest of the space at 1fr.

.grid {
display: grid;
grid-template-columns: 1fr 300px;

That’s somewhat robust. That 1fr column will take up any remaining space left behind by the fixed 300px column. It’s true that the auto value would do the same, but auto isn’t quite as robust since it’s size is based on the content inside. So, …

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4 Tips for Optimizing Your WordPress Newsletter

A newsletter can be a powerful tool. Publishing a regular newsletter gives you a perfect way to connect with your audience, which can increase engagement and even improve conversions. However, simply cobbling something together won’t be enough to make your newsletter a success. To ensure that your newsletter is effective in its goals, you’ll need …
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The Shapes of CSS

CSS is capable of making all sorts of shapes. Squares and rectangles are easy, as they are the natural shapes of the web. Add a width and height and you have the exact size rectangle you need. Add border-radius and you can round that shape, and enough of it you can turn those rectangles into circles and ovals.

We also get the ::before and ::after psuedo elements in CSS, which give us the potential of two more shapes we can …

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How to Boost Your Social Media Presence With Templates

With each passing day, it seems like social media is becoming a more visual medium. You don’t just tweet a couple hundred characters, you add a card or image. You don’t just post a photo on Instagram, you add a video or story that creates a more interactive experience for users. Social media templates can […]
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Design Trend: Using Watercolor Patterns in Web Design

Add a little art to your web design with the watercolor trend. Watercolor techniques are a popular design option because they are fun, easy to use and work with a variety of different types of content. Watercolor styles can be used in a number of ways to emphasize your content. Whether you are considering a […]
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Developing With Automad

Selecting the right CMS for a blog or website can be difficult. Every web project has its own needs and requirements, meaning one CMS may be a better fit for one site but not so much for a different site. Simple solutions might be lacking some essential features, while more complex systems can create easily overhead for a given task.

I want to cover Automad, a CMS that is less-known than, say, a behemoth like WordPress, but still offers …

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WordPress Automation Tools and Tips

Web marketing requires the implementation of various web development tactics and tips that will improve your overall web reputation on the Internet. During my first years of web development, I had to set and adjust everything manually, and it lasted until I have realized that WordPress offers a lot of features that can automate various …
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20+ Beautiful Geometric & Polygon Background Textures

Looking for a great polygon background texture for your design? Then you’re going to love this collection of free and premium geometric and poly background textures. Low poly and geometric backgrounds are now turning out to be one of the most popular trends in design this year. They’re being used for both website and graphic […]
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