On May 25th, 2022 we celebrated WordPress’s 19th anniversary. With the help of wp19.day — and partners Envira Gallery, Post Status, and GoDaddy Pro — two live events were held that day. Each had a group of guests that have been deeply involved in the WordPress community for some time.

This episode of Comments records the second event. It happened later in the day as a celebration. Several different WordPress meetups also joined us on Zoom along with our guests.

As in our previous episode, we started off sharing a few favorite memories but then quickly got into a deeper conversation about the state of WordPress now — and what we hope to see in its future.

Guests: Mary Job, Nathan Wrigley, Naoko Takano, Carrie Dils, David Yarde, Joe Simpson Jr., Pat Ramsey, John Jacoby, Yvette Sonneveld, and Taco Verdo.

Post Status Comments is a stage for WordPress professionals to exchange ideas and talk about recent topics and trends.

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