What is WaaS?

Website as a Service (WaaS) is a pay monthly service that covers the design, hosting, maintenance and regular promotion that every website needs.

The hub of most modern marketing methods is your website as different campaigns and platforms are use to drive traffic back to that one focal point. Thus if your website does not portray your brand in a professional way, it will be difficult to navigate and your message will miss it target. The subscription model offers the advantage of reducing your CapEx and instead of having a service provider by your side, you will gain a partner who will ensure that your business goals, objectives and messages reach the right target.

Why WaaS?

With the WaaS approach you will :

  • Pay a Nominal Setup Cost & Low Monthly Fee
  • Get a Custom Built & Optimized Website
  • Get Content Updates & Website Maintenance
  • Get Software Updates & the Latest Website Protection
  • Consistently Attract More Visitors to Your Website
  • Get a Website Redesign Every 2 Years

With IRC Web Services as your WaaS Partner, you know your website is completely taken care of, and working for you, without you having to lift a finger.

WaaS Features

Initial Website Design

The initial design and development of your website.


The server environment that your website and all of its files and database live.


Website, server, fraud and browser protections, including SSL certificates.


Regular backups and a recovery plan to get you back up quickly if something goes wrong.


Ongoing support to help ensure that the website matches the level of service and quality you provide.


Regular updates and testing for ongoing functionality improvements.

Design Updates

Ongoing front end design updates to keep your site up to date and modern.


Ongoing service and maintenance to make sure everything is running smoothly.

How to get Started

Step One

Choose a theme

Step Two

Select a package

We offer WaaS in 3 tiers: Bronze,Silver and Gold tiers.



Creation of website






Design Updates



RS 1500

Payable Every Month


Rs 3000

Payable Every Month


Rs 4500

Payable Every Month

Final Step

Request a quote

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